The Price of Free Speech  

From The Next Web’s Anna Heim:

Paris High Court today ordered Twitter to reveal data that will help identify authors of racist and anti-Semitic tweets, French news agencies AFP and Reuters report. The court also gave the company 15 days to comply, after which it will be subject to a daily penalty of €1,000 ($1,335).

It’s not often we see the price of free speech. In this case, it costs roughly $487,000 per year for Twitter to operate without fetters in France.

Fuck them. Pay it.

Don’t back down, ask where the check should go, and if bi-weekly payments are acceptable. Can you get a discount if you pay it all at once? Can you get a contract to ensure the rate doesn’t increase at more than the price of inflation for the next five years?

Don’t give in, don’t back down, and do not censor.

Free speech will never be cheaper than this; often it requires non-financial sacrifice of a painful sort. In this case, a well-capitalized - and if scuttlebutt be true, profitable - company that is key the world around as a platform for dissent, and revolution, need only shake down its seating cushions for the funds.

Hell, I’ll kick in a few bucks, Twitter. I’ll even drop it by your office, it’s only down the street.


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