About those Nokia Windows Phone sales figures  

Ingrid has the latest on Nokia’s financial performance:

More negative numbers for Nokia today, as the company reported its quarterly earnings for Q2, but it also noted sales of 7.4 million Window Phone-powered Lumia devices getting sold — the most in any quarter yet.

Nokia remains an unhealthy company mired in a messy struggle to rebuild its business from the ground up as a public company. It’s no small task. Quarterly pressure from disgruntled investors remains high.

Though it might prefer at the moment to be a private firm, Nokia is public, granting us access to its performance data. The company is kind enough to release the number of Windows Phone handsets it sells each quarter. As Ingrid stated above, Nokia moved 7.4 million of its Windows Phone-based Lumia devices in its last three month period.

Third-party data indicates that Nokia controls roughly 85% of the Windows Phone market worldwide. The math is simple:

7.4/0.85 = 8.7 million Windows Phone handsets were sold in the second quarter of 2013.

That compares favorably to the first quarter sum which was also based on Nokia’s sales tally was 5.6 million devices, and its then market share of around 80%, indicating total sales of 7 million.

Nokia sold 4.4 million Windows Phone devices in the final quarter of 2012.

So, Windows Phone saw its quarterly shipments grow by 1.7 million in the quarter, or 24%. That’s a healthy growth rate for the handset line, though it is not a pace that will quickly see Windows Phone begin to challenge either iOS or Android.

If Windows Phone was to keep up its most current quarter’s growth rate in the following two quarters, in the final three months of 2013, Windows Phone will sell around 13.4 million devices. However, the percentage growth rate of the platform will likely slow as its total unit volume increases; compound interest becomes steep rather quickly.

A small caveat: Windows Phone OEMs that are not Nokia aren’t doing well.

If you deduct Nokia’s share of Windows Phone handsets sold from the total sum, from the first to second quarter, non-Nokia OEMs sold 100,000 fewer devices, slipping from 1.4 million to 1.3 million.

Nokia’s per quarter delta of +1.8 million bests all other hardware providers’ offerings combined.

Windows Phone is growing, and growing top heavy.


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