Since I’ve joined the TechCrunch crew, I’ve been asked a similar set of questions by quite a few people. I love you all, but repeating myself is becoming dull. So, here are some answers:

Q: How is it going at TechCrunch?

A: So far everyone has been exceptionally kind and welcoming. I’m having oodles of fun, and dig my new coworkers. Also, there is free jerky in the office, which is a key perk.

Q: Ugh, Alex, TechCrunch? I freakin’ hate TechCrunch!

A: I really don’t get this one. Some people appear to have a personal animus for TC that confuses me. It’s a group of very smart, hardworking people, who really give a shit about what they do. They love this stuff.

Every news outlet is different, of course, and TC does grant its writers a bit more flexibility than others to stretch their legs. I personally love this, and think that it adds to the site’s character. If I only wrote long posts involving financial mathmagic, it would become boring. So, a little steam off the top on the occasion is healthy.

At TNW we had our Shareables channel, which was a similar sort of thing.

Q: What about TNW?

A: I love the TNW team, and am incredibly proud of what the blog and larger company have become. They are going to continue to do great stuff. Hopefully I’ll be back in Amsterdam in April.

Q: I guess TechCrunch is alright, but I don’t like $author_x!

A: Fuck you. Kidding. If you don’t like someone, don’t read their stuff. Simple. I’m sure that I bore the tears off some of our readers. It’s part of the gig.

Q: Is what you cover going to change?

A: Frankly, no. I’m still working on tech finance, tech policy, and Microsoft. I’m also digging on some Yahoo stuff at the moment. So, mostly the same bits that I covered at TNW.

Q: Will you cover my startup?

A: Probably not. There are, however, a number of fine people at TechCrunch who you should talk to.

Q: Are you happy?

A: Yes, very.


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